Dream Goals

by cknguyener

Today, the DJ for tonight’s wedding asked me something that I haven’t been asked in a while. For the past year, I have been finished with school and out in the “real world.” It was surreal for about 2 months after graduation, and then it was perfect (in concept). I was offered a full-time job in the area of my interest among people that I liked, immediately following college. Wedding coordinating at a venue and catering company. So of course, I took it. And like any project I take on, I immersed myself in it.

But tonight, the DJ asked me, “What is it that you really want to do?” I asked her what she meant, and she rightfully said, “I can tell that weddings isn’t your dream goal. I mean, you seem like you enjoy what you do, and you were great to work with today, but I can see that this isn’t what you want to end up doing.”

So I told her the truth, that no, as much as I do love working weddings and creating memorable event experiences for people, my end goals are bigger. I told her how I want to work on award shows, their after parties, product launches, fashion runways. Red carpet, high-profile, cushy budget, 1000+ guest count.

These were goals I used to share with anyone I’d stumbled upon back when I was in college, going to school for Event Management. And for the past year, I started to look at these goals as more of dreams, and though the passion is still strong, the burning belief that I could reach these goals had begun to fade.