Drunken Conversations Vol. II

by cknguyener

He wanted me to go back on my word, on what I told him months ago the last time we had addressed it. He wanted to know if my reasoning from before was still the case.

“If I wasn’t in the situation I am now,
would this still have happened?”

I had to really think about it. I had thought about it before, in the broad scheme of things. But I’d never thought about it as this direct thing that we were doing. And I answered honestly, in the moment, what I felt was true.

But I never would’ve answered that honestly, if I knew then what I later assessed. I never would’ve said the words, had I known that there might be potential feelings aboard this ship. That what we were doing was starting to anchor down in him and take hold. I never would’ve told him,

“I think this would have been inevitable.”