Drunken Conversations Vol. IV

by cknguyener

“I’m not trying to do anything!
I’m trying to be good.”

I can’t remember how I sounded when I said it, but in my memory, it was similar to that of a crying girl. I sounded young, but that was probably from the drunkenness. And so I should’ve seemed, lying there in the driver’s seat with a draught of sleepiness coming over me, as he sat crouched down beside me. He always felt the need to keep me company whenever I attempted to sober up in my car. But he did not risk entering my vehicle.

He had said something as we were joking with each other, insinuating that I was teasing him. I laughed, but then I was honest.

His voice was serious but almost sad as he responded. Honest. Real. And if there were any moments during the week that it took me to get over him, in which I might’ve felt like I had exaggerated my memories and he did not actually have any feelings for me, they were dissipated in that moment. Because it sounded so true coming out of his mouth.

“I know… Me, too.”